Thursday, December 11, 2008

Photo shoot with my Mom!

Finally an update!

While we were in Maryland, for Thanksgiving Day,
 my Mom took the kids on a photo shoot! It 
was a very chilly day.  These are some of the 
photos she took!

(click on photos to enlarge)

I love Katelyn's face! Mom told me they 
were pretty much goofy the whole time!
At one point Christopher asked my Mom
"If we get a good Christmas  photo
here, does that mean MOM won't have to 
take one?"  LOL!

It wasn't really snowing, it's called
"Special Effects!"
This Agriculture Farm is a great place
for a photo shoot!
A visit with the many goats!


TK said...

Jen, this was so much fun! I could do this all day long! Your kids are drama, just the way I like it!


Yay an update whoo hoo!!!!!!!! The pics of the kids are great they have all grown soooooooo much :)

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